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Gelert Camping gas cylinder stands

Gelert Camping Gas Cylinder StandSmall camping gas stoves and lamps can become top-heavy and unstable in use, and I’ve often worried that mine could potentially topple over and cause an accident. If they’re used on uneven ground then that adds to the risk of a mishap.

Camping accessory maker Gelert helps answer this problem with a specially-designed tripedal Gas Canister Stand.  It’s a set of three plastic legs that fold out and clip underneath to increase the footprint of most portable gas canisters, helping to prevent them from tipping over (unless you’re extremely clumsy or unlucky).

Folded flat, the black plastic legs measure about 115mm x 20mm and the set weighs 20g. In fact only two legs swivel out from the centre hub as the third is permanently fixed (look for a tubular split pin on the fixed leg). Simply fold the two legs right back until they gently lodge into position and clip the assembly under the cylinder. First-time users should take care not to force the fixed leg by mistake.

The set has a series of notches to accept different sizes of canister, and a typical Campingaz CV300, for example, clips into place pretty securely on the cylinder’s steel base and its footprint is effectively doubled. Rubber feet prevent it slipping on tabletops, and a set of 60mm ground spikes is included that will anchor the feet to softer ground.

The spikes are retained in the legs’ mouldings when not in use, but they tended to fall out and it’s a pity that they’re not all stored securely when the legs are folded together. In due course I expect they'll be lost.

The grounds pegs are stored in the legs. They tended to fall out. Note the rubber feet too.

The main design reason three legs or feet are used is to avoid wobbling on an uneven surface (hence, milk-maid’s stools have three legs for use in cow fields).

Stability is quite reasonable but freestanding, the unit could still be prone to tipping over on two feet if knocked far enough so it’s not foolproof; even so the gadget helps overcome a risky problem and the small investment can only help improve safety.

Two of the legs fold out from the hub while a third is fixed: take care not to force it.


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